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Thank goodness, we weren't all like Freddie, who's day began as early as 4:00 A.M. in order to end up at the Strait Campus for  8:30 to join up with 10 other schools on, what would turn out to be, a very exciting day.
Dsc00111.jpg (279256 bytes) By 9:00, we gathered in the theatre room to get things started with intros and ice breakers by NSCC & Skills Canada~Nova Scotia Reps. We also heard from Emera Energy & Exxon Mobile Reps who reinforced a lot of what Mr. MacInnis has been telling us about the ever increasing demand for (tech) skilled workers in N.S. & the importance to be prepared.
By 10:00, it was time for a Nutrition break and for us to show off our new "T" shirts, of which we found out in the theatre room, glow in the dark. Dsc00113.jpg (319103 bytes)

We then broke up for our 1st of 3 workshops, 2 of which would be before lunch and one after. Everyone did 3 out of a large selection  which mixed things up and made it great for meeting more people. The choices consisted of such things as:

Marine Navigation & Marine Engineering
Dsc00121.jpg (247359 bytes) {Right} Freddie is steering his virtual ship into harbour in the bridge simulator. {Left} The well over $million marine transportation control room simulator. Dsc00147.jpg (291982 bytes)
Dsc00148.jpg (281610 bytes) This work shop, among other things, had us looking at live satellite imagery of different parts of the world including Cape Breton. Dsc00131.jpg (270896 bytes)
Gas Installation
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We got build and set up assemblies, and take readings to see how they work.
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This wasn't just a dress rehearsal. The ladies above (students in the welding program at NSCC) taught us how to run a bead of weld. We also got to keep those orange caps, along with a pen flashlight.  
Industrial Mechanics
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Here we actually made an aluminum pencil holder that we got to take home.
Steam & Pipefitting
Dsc00129.jpg (299383 bytes) Bending & joining pipe as well fluid systems were the order of the day. James won a cool pipe wrench for a door prize, which he forgot to give to Mr. Mac Innis. Dsc00146.jpg (265863 bytes)
Dsc00134.jpg (322444 bytes) Some people got to make small battery operated 
motors from scratch, well from a kit actually, but they were another take home project. 
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We got make noise and chips in this one.

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Power (stationary) Engineering was another choice, but we didn't get over for any pictures.

Other highlights included a great lunch. Dsc00114.jpg (279483 bytes)

Dsc00119.jpg (309075 bytes) Or how about the glow in the dark Skills Energy Youth Quest "T" 
shirt that we all received like the one being displayed by Mrs. Larade.
There were other cool things like the wave pool, and the Skills Quest Game & Wrap Up 
where there were plenty of give a ways and prizes, like the Screaming Eagles tickets that 
won and forgot, again, to give to Mr. MacInnis. Oh yes, and then there 
was Rubber Man:
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